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Montpelier Orthodontics
Clear Braces
Dr. Larson can provide treatment with the latest types of clear braces systems and aligners that are designed to provide the same high quality results to patients that are concerned about the aesthetics of using traditional metal brackets. We have many options for you to choose from and the experience to customize treatment for your preferences.
There are many treatment options available to you, and we are prepared to guide you through the process of selecting the treatment approach that fits your lifestyle, health needs, and budget
Rapid Cosmetic Straightening
When working with a licensed orthodontist, some patients can achieve excellent results in few as 2-3 months if a comprehensive bite correction is not needed. Part of our consultation process includes estimating your total time for treatment.
Cost Considerations
Everyone's teeth and goals are different so the best thing is to schedule a brief appointment for an evaluation and estimate (no referral needed). By taking extra care in designing your treatment plan, we are able to be incredibly efficient and often provide great results in a short time at an affordable cost!. We accept multiple forms of payment, work diligently with insurance companies to procure the reimbursement you deserve, and can provide financing plans for qualified patients.